Warm Up/Mobility
Pre Class Mobility (Banded 7’s & Hip)
1. Crossover Symmetry Activation
OR Banded 7s – perform 7 reps of each movement
7 Banded Pull aparts
7 Diagonal Pulls R
7 Diagonal Pulls L
7 Behind the Neck Press
7 Elbow tucked in ribs Pull apart
7 Shoulder Presses
7 Lat Pull Downs

2. Hip Halo Activation
* 10 Side step R/L
* 10 Forward/Backwards Walk R/L
* 10 Glute Bridges
* 10 Single Leg Glute Bridges R/L
* 10 Bird Dogs R/L
* 10 Squats

Clean Barbell Prep
Barbell Prep –
Burgener Warm Up Clean
3-5 reps at each position

Elbows high and outside – "BAR CLOSE"
Muscle Clean – "STRONG TURNOVER"
Tall Power Clean – "PULL UNDER", 2", 4", 6"
Tall Clean – "PULL UNDER"

Front Squat Skill Transfer Exercises
3-5 reps of each movement

No Hands (aka Zombie) front Squat
Front Squat
Pause Front Squat (2 Seconds)
One and a quarter front squat
In the hole front squat
Tempo Descent Front squat (10 second descent, no pause, fast up)

3x High Hang Clean + 3x Hang Clean + 3x Clean

Clean Pull + Clean (3x (1+1))
Performed the prescribed number of Clean Pull from the ground, followed by the prescribed number of full Squat Cleans (unless otherwise specified)

Pre-MetCon Warm-up
2 Sets:
1:00 Ski (easy)
30 second Hollow Hold, 10 Snap to Hollow (performed on ground – Snap to Hollow is Arch to Hollow)
5 Dynamic L Stretch (Straight leg Seated position reach to toes, reach back with back on ground and bring feet behind head – like a seated candle stick)
5 Hanging Tuck to L
10 Kettlebell Overhead Step Back Lunges (light/Moderate) (each arm)

1 Set (at workout pace):
5 Toes-to-bar
20’ Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunge (at workout weight) (10′ each arm)

Metcon (Time)
100 Toes-to-bar
*every time you break, perform a 50’ Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunge (53/35) [alternate arms each round]

3 Sets:
15 Single Leg Calf Raises (Each Side)
10 Birddogs (Each Side)
10 Sumo Plié squats

Post Workout Mobility
1:00 Seal Stretch
2:00 Child’s Pose

Metcon (Time)
3x (200m at moderate pace, 100m easy),
Rest 5min,
3x (100m at 500m goal pace, 100m easy)
Rest 5min (full recovery),

500m at max effort (aka race effort)