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More than Just a Gym

CrossFit Mt Juliet Veteran owned and locally operated. CFMJ is dedicated to enriching people’s lives through fitness. We do this using varied, functional movement in short, intense workouts that are fun and effective.

We strive for a positive, friendly, “Cheers”-like (where everybody knows your name) environment. CrossFit is the most effective physical fitness program in the world and it is our passion to bring it to as many people as possible. Athletes at CrossFit Mt Juliet will get personal attention as every athlete’s needs are different. We will work with you to help you to achieve your individual goals. That being said, the community that we create will be one of the driving factors in your individual success. We are focused on developing good health habits in the fitness realm, no matter if you’re a novice, intermediate, advanced, elite athlete. Enhancing people’s lives through fitness is the key to success at CFMJ. So, whether you are already fit and looking to take it to the next level, or if your fitness has lapsed and you want to get it back, CrossFit Mt Juliet can help you get there. The best part about it is that while you are working hard to improve yourself, you will also be having fun and developing strong, lasting friendships. There will be some suffering in the gym as you strive to attain your goals, but sharing that suffering along with lots of accountability with the other members of CrossFit Mt Juliet is what will forge those strong bonds of friendship that will become a priceless benefit of joining.

man lifting barbell above head

Jenna Austin


Jenna Austin

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Owner

Josh Austin

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Owner

Marine Veteran

Leah Benner


Leah Benner

A Louisiana native (Geaux Tigers).  Starting her Crossfit journey in 2016 as an athlete, then got her Crossfit Level 1 Certification in 2017. She keeps busy with her 3 children, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. Leah loves exploring the great outdoors, gardening, watching football, cooking, and reading.

Favorite Crossfit things are handstand push ups (strict and kipping), alt pistol squats, Snatches, front squats.

Michael Marlin

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 

Nashville native and Metro Firefighter (Captain).