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Welcome to CrossFit!

We’re so excited you’re interested in joining CrossFit Mt. Juliet!

Athletes new to CrossFit will attend our Foundations Course to learn the basics of CrossFit. Foundations is a 4-class series of 75 minute personal training sessions designed to:

Introduce new athletes to the fundamental movements found in CrossFit.

Expose new athletes to mobility exercises and the importance of mobility to improved fitness.

Expose new athletes to CrossFit workouts.

Expose new athletes to the intensity of CrossFit in a closely supervised and safe environment based on each athlete’s fitness level and ability.

Introduce new athletes to the gym, staff, community, and how we do business at CrossFit Mt Juliet.

Why do you need Foundations?

Creating a strong foundation in the movements and being exposed to CrossFit’s intensity in a personal training setting improves the rate at which athletes will progress along their fitness journeys. It also reduces the likelihood of injury. The personal training setting also gives us the opportunity to get to know you so we can better understand your specific level of fitness and tailor our coaching to meet your individual needs. This will better help us to help you achieve your goals. All athletes who complete Foundations will also receive a FREE T-shirt.

What will you learn?

Air Squat

Back Squat

Front Squat

Overhead Squat

Push Up

Pull Up


Push Press





Introduction to mobility, resulting in reduced chronic pain and greater athletic performance through the ability to get your body into better positionsIntroduction to better nutrition, resulting in the knowledge required to optimize your nutrition and increase overall health (as well as improve body composition if that is one of your goals)

FREE Foundations Graduate T-shirtA new perspective on fitness, working out, and the gym in general

A better life! Seriously, the physical and mental benefits derived from training at CrossFit Mt Juliet combined with the amazing people you will meet and community of which you will be a part will result in a happier, healthier, and, yes, better life.