Oh Snap, It’s National Camera Day

Warm Up/Mobility
Banded 7’s
Banded Hip Activation
-Low back Smash
-Hamstring Smash and floss

Burgener Warm up
5 Dip Drive Shrug
5 Dip Drive Shrug, Elbow high to the outside
5 Dip Drive Shrug, Elbows high to outside, Fast Turn over and Snap Over Head
3 – Power Position, Half Squat, Full Squat.

Empty BB
High Hang Snatch
Above Knee Snatch
Mid Shin Snatch

3-4 Rounds
1 round of Rowling (max penalty of 5 burpees over rower)
10 Banded good mornings
5 Deadlifts (empty bar – build across)
40 single unders
1:00 Bike (moderate)

1st part of Strength is for Movement Practice Stay Light
20 Min for Both Parts of Strength
Metcon (Weight)
4x (1+1+1+1)
Snatch deadlift + Pause Power Snatch + Snatch + Snatch Balance

*Pause Power Snatch is at the Top of the Power position of Snatch.

Snatch (3×1)
Start at 70% of Snatch
and End at 75%

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 20 Minutes
30/20 Cal Row or 20/15 Calorie Assault Bike
20 Bar Facing Burpees
20 Deadlift (225/155)
100 Double Unders

3 Rounds
10 Tempo Double DB Bench (2 sec down/ fast up)
10 Tempo Double DB Bent Row (2 sec down/ fast up)
10 Seated Alt. DB Curls (each side)

Post Workout Mobility
2:00 Couch Stretch (R/L)
2:00 Pigeon Stretch (R/L)
2:00 Pancake Stretch

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)
2 Sets:
50’ Handstand Walk
40/30 Calorie Ski
30 Deficit Handstand Push up (6"/4.5")
40/30 Calorie Ski
50’ Handstand Walk
-Rest 5:00-
50’ Handstand Walk
40/30 Calorie Ski
50 GHD Sit Ups
40/30 Calorie Ski
50’ Handstand Walk
-Rest 5:00 b/t sets-
Metcon (Time)
Row "Max Power" Workout
4 Sets
3 strokes (pulls) at 100%,
*2min easy pace b/t sets

-Rest 2min-

250m controlled sprint at 98%, 4min rest,
250m sprint at 100%