CrossFit – Fri, Jun 30


*due to space/equipment availability; athletes will switch “lifts”

Bench Press (5×5 * (5/5 DB Bench after each set))

5 Bench Press @ 6/10 RPE
5 Bench Press @ 7/10 RPE
5 Bench Press @ 7.5/10 RPE
5 Bench Press @ 7.5/10 RPE
5 Bench Press @ 7.5/10 RPE
*10 Single Arm DB Bench (5+5) after each set.

Barbell Front Rack Step ups (5×10 (5/5))
Barbell in Front Rack Position step up to a box or target that manageable

No set “height” on box but should be challenging

Alternating Legs – 5/5

Pre-MetCon Warm-up

1:30 Cardio of Choice

Snatch Barbell Prep
Snatch Barbell Prep
PVC Pipe –
10 PVC Pipe Pass Throughs
10 PVC Pipe WindMills (5 Right Leading 5 Left Leading)
10 PVC Pipe Rainbows (5/side)
Burgener Warm up Snatch – PVC Pipe
3 reps at each position
2. Elbows high and outside – "BAR CLOSE"
3. Muscle snatch – "STRONG TURNOVER"
4. Snatch land – "FOOT WORK" 2", 4", 6"
5. Snatch drop – "FOOT WORK"

Barbell Skill Transfer Snatch:
3 reps of each movement
1. Snatch grip push press
2. Snatch Grip Tall Push Jerk
3. Overhead Position Dip and Punch "Overhead Strength"
3. Overhead squat, "CORE STRENGTH"
4. Heaving Snatch Balance: Feet in catch/landing position, Dip, Drive (Jump UP), drop Under bar, punch barbell – "FAST HANDS"
5. Drop Snatch: feet in catch/Landing position (Bottom of Squat) no jump, No Dip, just Push and Drop "SPEED UNDER"
6. Snatch balance, – Feet in "setup" position, Barbell behind neck in snatch grip, Dip, Drive (Jump,) Drop under barbell while punching barbell -"FOOT AND ARM SPEED"


2 Parts

A: 6:00
– Rest 2:00-
B: 6:00


Highway to Hell… Part A (Weight)

For load:
In 6 minutes
800m Run
Heavy Single Snatch

-rest 2 minutes-

For time:
8 Power Snatches (155/105)
800m Run

In Comment input Time for part B

…Stairway to Heaven: Part B (Time)

Part B:
For time:
8 Power Snatches (155/105)
800m Run

EMOM Alt TTB – Max L Parallette Sit (AMRAP – Reps)

8 Minute EMOM
Odd Minute: 16 Alternating Leg Toes To Bar [8 per leg]Even Minute: Accumulate Max Effort in seconds of L-Sit Hold on Parallettes/Boxes [within the minute]
*If you can’t do more than 15 seconds each round…accumulate 15 seconds

Score is your longest Max Hold in seconds of L-Sit [within the minute]

Max L Sit – Score is LONGEST duration