CrossFit – Fri, Apr 26

Warm up

Hip Halo

Banded 7’s

Burgner Warm Up Snatch

2 Position Power Snatch (Weight)

Every 1:30

7 Sets

1 Power Snatch above the Knee +1 Power Snatch from the floor @ 75-80% 1 rm

Metcon Warm Up

1-2 Sets

10 Prone Is, Ts, Ys

10 Single Arm Press (L/R)

5 Banded Chin Ups


warm up to workout weights

1 Set

Dumbbell Shoulder Press (at weight)

2 Strict Chin Ups

Acai (Time)

Steady Movement


Dumbell Shoulder Press (2×50/35)

3 Strict Chin Ups or Pull Ups after each set

Time Cap 12 Mins

Goal is to hit time cap with about 80% intensity


2 Sets

Barbell 21s

7 From bottom to Halfway

7 From Halfway to Top

7 Full Reps

-rest as needed between sets

2 Sets

12 Dumbbell Lateral Raises

12 Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

12 Dumbbell Front Raises

-rest as needed b/t sets