CrossFit – Thu, Nov 3


2 Sets
50 Single Under
10 Inchworm w/Push Up
:20-:30 Wall Facing Handstand Hold
15-20 Step Back Lunge
50ft Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Walk (light/moderate)

1 Set (at workout pace):
20 Double Unders
2 Wall Walks
10ft Overhead Walking Dumbbell Lunge (at workout weight)

Partner Workout
Partner (Time)

2 Sets 
Double Unders
Wall Walks
*50ft Single Arm Overhead Walking Dumbbell Lunge [50/35] after each round both athletes moving together [essentially synchro]

You will do 100 Double Unders split evenly, then 10 wall walks split evenly, then 50ft foot Overhead Walking Dumbbell Lunge….

Finisher (Weight)

3 Sets
10 Single DB Staggered Stance RDL (Each Side)
-rest 1:00 between sets-

Yoga Flow

1:00 Cat Cow
:30 Bird Dog (Right Arm, Left Leg)
:30 Bird Dog (Left Arm, Right Leg)
1:00 Marches 
4 Rounds:
1:00 Toe Touch Stretch – as you exhale sink deeper into the stretch
1:00 Bottom of the Squat Hold
1:00 Push up to Downward Dog Pose
1:00 Frog Stretch
1:00 Couch Stretch (Left)
1:00 Couch Stretch (Right)
1:00 Pigeon Stretch (Left)
1:00 Pigeon Stretch (Right)
2:00 Child’s Pose