Warm Up/Mobility
Hinshaw Run Warmup
High knee karaoke (over, over, walk, walk)
Over hurdle (Knee up rotate hips up and over heel, toe)
Knee to chest
Figure 4 (1 sec)
Lunge with reach overhead
Lunge torso twist (Pull hand)
Toe Touches (Opposite hand Opp Leg)
High knee + arm swing
Butt kick + arm swing
Straight Leg Slight Kick(shallow heel)
20m out walk back

Side step out and back
Side step jumping jack out and back

Seated Arms Only Run Motion
Standing Heels down Arms Only Run Motion

Toes out walk
Toes in walk
Heels walk
Toes walk
Outside Foot walk
Inside Foot walk

Build to 1st clean weight
400m run (moderate)
-rest 1 minute-
1 set at workout pace:
100m Run
1 clean (at workout weight 1)

Metcon (Time)
5 rounds:
250-m run (Road sign on sidewalk)
1 clean
Women: (95-105-115-135-155)
Men: (135-155-185-205-225)

RX +
5 rounds:
250-m run
1 clean
Women: (155-165-175-185-195)
Men: (225-245-265-285-305)

Shoulder Press (5-3-1 then 5×3 )
Shoulder Press:
5 reps @ 75%
3 reps @ 85%
1 rep @ 95%
Deadlift (5-3-1 then 5×3)
5 reps @80%
3 reps @85%
1 rep @95+%

3 Sets:
10 Single Arm Upright Rows (Each Arm)
30 Calf Raises
15 Banded Single Leg Hamstring Curls (Each Leg)

Post Workout Mobility
10 Alternating Scorpion Stretches
2:00 Child’s Pose

2021 Games E 3 (Time)
550 M Sprint Run
Double-Unders (20-40-60-80-100-80-60-40-20 )
Metcon (Time)
2 Sets
500m at moderate pace or SR b/t 28-32
-30sec rest-
400m at moderate pace or SR b/t 28-32
-60sec rest-
300m at moderate pace or SR b/t 28-32
-90sec rest b/t sets-