CrossFit – Wed, Mar 27

Warm Up

Crossover Symmetry Banded 7’s

Barbell Prep

2-3 Sets

10 Prone Is, Ts &Ys (No weight or very light)

10 Single Arm Press (L/R)

Tall Jerk (3 x5 @4-5 RPE)
To get into starting position, press the barbell from the front rack to the level of the forehead and hold. Rise to tiptoes and gain balance. Finish by dropping into a Split Jerk and pressing the arms out.

Do a set every 1:30

Bent Over Row (Do a set every 2 mins
4 x 8 @7-8 RPE Supinated Grip Bent Over Barbell Row)

Metcon Warm up

1-2 Sets

300 m Row

10 Inchworms w Push Up

:15 Wall Facing Handstand Hold

50 Ft Single Arm Plate Pinch Carry


1 Set at workout pace

1 Wall Walk

50ft Farmers Carry (at workout weight)

Reading Rainbow (Time)


Wall Walks

*150ft Dumbbell Farmers Carry

(2 x70/50) after each set

Time Cap 16 mins