CrossFit – Thu, Jun 6

Warm Up

Crossover Symmetry

Banded 7’s

Barbell Prep

2-3 Sets

10 Hand Release Push Ups

5 Single Arm Benc Press (Moderate each side)

Wide Grip Bench Press (Weight)

From rack – hand placed in wide grip; perform prescribed reps

EMOM 8 Minutes (Increasing weight from Min 1-8)

1 Rep per minute starting at 5.5 RPE to 9 RPW

Metcon Warm Up

8-10 Minutes Moving

5 Bench Press

5 Ring Row

10 Kip to Swing

200m Ski or Row

Andes (Time)

Partner Throwdown


Bench press (135/95)

Chest To Bar

-Straight Into-


Bench press (135/95)

Bar Muscle Up

Partner split evenly

Gymnastics (Optional)

For Time:

50 Weighted GHD Situps (20/14)

*Ball must touch ground at bottom of skill and post at top of skill