CrossFit – Thu, May 23

Warm Up

Hip Halo

2-3 Rounds

Banded Good Morning

10 Single Arm KB Deadlift r/l (light

Paused Snatch Deadlift (5 x5 Pause Snatch Deadlift + Jump and Shrug @85% 1 RM Snatch)
from the floor with a snatch grip, perform the prescribed number of Snatch Deadlift (same form as first and second snatch pulls), pausing at the prescribed location(s) for the specified amount of time

Do a. set every 1:30

*Pause Snatch is at mid thigh for 2 seconds

**Jump and Shrug from the mid thigh position

Dumbbell incline bench (Weight)

3 Sets

10 Heavy Incline Bench Press

7-10 Single Arm DB Row

:30-:45 Ring Support

Do a set every 3 minutes

Score is only Dumbbell incline

Metcon Warm Up

1:00 Row

:30 Handstand Hold

50 Single Under

10 Single Arm Suitcase Deadlift (L/R)

Build to Deadlift Weight w 5ft Handstand walk after each set

Sandworms (Time)

Teams of 2
AMRAP 2 Minutes
50 Double Unders (each, at the same time)
25ft Handstand Walk (each, at the same time)
Max Deadlifts (275/185) (split)
*Go until you get 75 reps
-rest 1 minute b/t sets-

*Individual Version
AMRAP 2 Minutes
50 Double Unders
25ft Handstand Walk
Max Deadlift (275/185)
*Go until you get 35 reps.
-rest 1 minute b/t sets-

Target Time: sub 8 minutes (3 rounds)

Time Cap: 14 minutes (5 rounds)

Cool Down

2-3 minute Alternating Calf Stretch
1-2 minute Scorpion Stretch