CrossFit – Thu, Sep 7

Strength Warm up

10 Side step R/L

10 Forward/Backwards Walk R/L

10 Glute Bridges

10 Single Leg Glute Bridges R/L

10 Bird Dogs R/L

10 Squats


Barbell Prep

3 Sets
1:00 Row (moderate)
10 Lateral Box Step Up
10 Step Back Lunge

Back Rack Step Up (
(12 Min)
*Do a set every 3 minutes.

20 Back Rack Barbell Step Up @ 5.5/10 RPE
20 Back Rack Barbell Step Up @ 6/10 RPE
20 Back Rack Barbell Step Up @ 6.5/10 RPE
20 Back Rack Barbell Step Up @ 7/10 RPE)

Ideally, a weight you are able to clean and back rack – see video attached – have a box, stacked plates, stacked mats (secured) etc so you are able to take your initial step up w/o walking around. Stand completely up at top of step up, safely return back down and alternate leg for next rep.

Pre-MetCon Warm-up

5 minutes moving through:
1:00 Cardio (moderate)
10 Ring Kip to Swing
5 Tempo Ring Dip
:30 Straight Arm Plank
10 Suitcase Deadlift (moderate)
Warm Up to Sandbag Carry and Sandbag Over Box weight w/1 Muscle Up(OR modification after each set.


1 Set (at workout pace):
3 Muscle Ups
10ft Sandbag Carry (at workout weight)
1 Sandbag over Box (at workout weight and height)

Muscle Up Logs (Time)

Partner Throwdown!

Split evenly/Only 1 athlete working at a time

5 rounds:
10 Muscle Ups (OR 6 Bar Muscle Ups/Scaled 6 Burpee Pullups)
120ft Sandbag Carry (100/70)

(Mark 30ft/Each athlete carries 30ft twice)

6 Sandbag over Box (100/70) (48)


5 rounds:
5 Muscle Ups (OR 6 Bar Muscle Ups)
60ft Sandbag Carry (100/70)
3 Sandbag over Box (100/70) (48)

Cool Down

1 minute Hamstring Smash (each side)
1 minute Seated QL Stretch (each side)

Hamstring Smash
Seated QL Stretch