CrossFit – Mon, Dec 26
CFMJ Athletes,
I’ve got good news and bad news. We’ve decided to err on the side of caution… Friday classes and Saturday morning cancelled. Enjoy your families!
But the GOOD NEWS IS… I have workouts for you to do at home!!
Christmas Cheer on Friday! Death by Christmas Cookies… I mean Burpees, on Saturday!
Special prize for anyone who cons the most family members into doing the burpees with them! You have to post video on IG and tag CFMJ!
Yay Burpees!!
Merry Christmas!!
 Christmas Cheer/Friday WOD
 Death by Christmas Cookies…I mean, Burpees/Saturday WOD

Front Squat Warm-UP
2-3 Sets of Front Squat Skill Transfer Exercises
3 No Hand (Zombie) Front Squats
3 No Hand (Zombie) Front Squats
3 2 second Pause Front Squats
3 One and a quarter Front Squats
3 In the Hole Front Squats (last rep is a 10 second negative)

Front Squat (5×1)

Build to a heavy x 1

Pre-MetCon Warm-up

2 Sets
1:00 Row OR Ski(moderate)
10 Hanging Scap Retraction, 5 Kip to Swing
10 Alt. Leg V-Up, 5 Sit Ups
5 Inchworm with Push Up
:20 Wall Facing Handstand Hold

1 set (at workout pace):
3 Chest to bar Pull Ups
5 GHD Sit Ups
1 Wall Walk

Yule Log (Time)

Chest to bar Pull Ups
GHD Sit Ups
*3 Wall Walks after each round

Ring Dips (RE-Test Day:
Max Effort in 2 minutes:
Strict Ring Dips)