CrossFit – Wed, Dec 7


2 minutes moving through:
250m Row (easy to moderate)
5 inchworms
10 Kettlebell goblet thrusters (light)
3 spiderman stretch (each leg), 5 Bottom Half Burpees
10 hanging scap retractions, 5 kip to swing on rings

1 Set: (at workout pace)
50m Row
4 Wall Ball (at workout weight)
3 Lateral Burpee Over Rower

2 Muscle Up

This one’s Gonna Hurt (Time)

1,000m Row
75 Wall Balls (20/14) (10′)
50 Lateral Burpees Over Rower

25 Ring Muscle Ups

  • Row: Come out with a moderate pace and slightly build in pace after the 1st 500m. We want you ready to go straight into the wall balls. The workout is not won on the row but can be lost here.

  • Wall Balls: Now we can start to get aggressive. 25 Every minute is a good strategy. If you feel confident and can hang onto more, go for it. As long as you won’t rest more than 15-20 seconds after the 75 reps.

  • Burpee over Rower: Let’s aim for constant movement. Try to minimize rest time and allow yourself a few breaths laying on your chest when needed. Think of it as 5×10 and break 2-3 seconds every 10 if needed.

  • Ring Muscle Up: This is where you can really excel and make up time (or lose it). Come out with sustainable sets relative to your ability. We’d love 5×5, but if you have to go to 2-3s thats okay. Just stay disciplined and don’t let excessive time pass between sets.


A: If you can do a single leg squat/pistol:
EMOM X 8 Minutes:
Minute 1: 8 Rolling Deck Pistol Squats – Left
Minute 2: 8 Rolling Deck Pistol Squats – Right

B. If you cannot do a single leg squat/pistol yet:
EMOM X 8 Minutes
Minute 1: 8 Single Leg/Pistol Squats to Box – Left
Minute 2: 8 Single Leg/Pistol Squats to Box- Right

Body Pump

4 Rounds
10 Barbell Front Squat: 1 and a Half Reps @ moderate weight
10 DB Good Mornings @ moderate weight
10 Single Leg DB Hip Thrust @ moderate weight
15 Standing Barbell Calf Raise @ moderate weight

-Rest 3 min b/t round-