CrossFit – Thu, Nov 10


3 Rounds
15 Banded Good Morning
10 Single Arm KB Deadlift R/L (Light-Moderate)

Deadlift (4×2 @90%)

Pre-MetCon Warm-up

1:00 Cardio of Choice

5/5 DB Single RDL’s

5/5 DB hang power clean

5/5  DB Press 

:15 Plank Shoulder Taps

Partner Workout
double to fun (AMRAP – Reps)

2000 M Row (Split evenly)
*Max Plank DB Movers (1- 50/35)(P1 rows, P2 Plank Movers)

60 Manmakers (2-50’s/2-35’s)* 

2000 M Row (Split Evenly)
*Max Plank DB Movers

*Manmaker = On DB Push-up; Plank position L Row, R Row; Squat Clean, Thruster.

Breathe – Relax

Start a 25 Minute Clock and move through this….

1:00 Cat Cow
:30 Bird Dog (Right Arm, Left Leg)
:30 Bird Dog (Left Arm, Right Leg)
1:00 Marches 
4 Rounds:
1:00 Toe Touch Stretch – as you exhale sink deeper into the stretch
1:00 Bottom of the Squat Hold
1:00 Push up to Downward Dog Pose
1:00 Frog Stretch
1:00 Couch Stretch (Left)
1:00 Couch Stretch (Right)
1:00 Pigeon Stretch (Left)
1:00 Pigeon Stretch (Right)
2:00 Child’s Pose