Warm Up/Mobility
Pre Class Mobility (Banded 7’s & Hip)
1. Crossover Symmetry Activation
OR Banded 7s – perform 7 reps of each movement
7 Banded Pull aparts
7 Diagonal Pulls R
7 Diagonal Pulls L
7 Behind the Neck Press
7 Elbow tucked in ribs Pull apart
7 Shoulder Presses
7 Lat Pull Downs

2. Hip Halo Activation
* 10 Side step R/L
* 10 Forward/Backwards Walk R/L
* 10 Glute Bridges
* 10 Single Leg Glute Bridges R/L
* 10 Bird Dogs R/L
* 10 Squats

1:00 cardio (your choice)
12 banded good mornings
10 hanging scap retractions, 6 kip to swing, 2 strict pull ups
8 lateral box step ups (each side)
6 inchworms
4 one and a quarter back squats (3 sec descent, no pause, 3 sec ascent, no pause) (light)

1 Set: (at workout pace)
3 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
2 Bar Muscle Ups
1 Burpee Bar Muscle Up
3 Back Squats (at workout weight 1)
2 Back Squats (at workout weight 2)
1 Back Squat (at workout weight 3)

Each "chipper" has a 5:00 Cap pick weights and reps so that you can finish each in sub 3:00. Back Squats are coming from the ground due to limited space on racks/rigs. If Space is available to use squat rack and weights are(135/95; 185/124; 225/155) reps for Rig work is same for rx; rx+option is heavier and more reps on rig.
Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
25 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Rx+ 30)
30 Back Squats (135/95) (Rx+ (185/125)

-at 5:00-
15 Bar Muscle Ups (Rx+20)
20 Back Squats (155/115) (Rx+ 225/155)

-at 10:00-
5 Burpee Bar Muscle Ups (Rx+ 10)
10 Back Squats (185/135)(Rx+ 275/185)

Chest to Bar and Bar Muscle Ups: For these two movements we want to attack within our capacity of avoiding muscle failure. Chest to Bar will be more doable to complete unbroken since you will be fresh. But if you get through 5+ reps of Bar Muscle ups, then see if you can hold onto bigger sets!

Burpee Bar Muscle Ups: Obviously completed in singles and the pace needs to be attacked when all that’s going through our head is "don’t stop moving!!" Utilize those big swings and fast, aggressive kips to launch the body up.

Back Squat: Weight ranges for reps. 30 Reps (50-60%), 20 reps (65-70%), 10 reps (75%+) of 1RM respecitvely. These will feel heavier as the sets go on, but the goal should be unbroken. Stay tight in the core, remember to breathe and reset at the top of each rep.

Metcon (Weight)
2 Rounds
10 Barbell Strict Press @ moderate weight
10 Seated Single Arm DB Press (each side) @ moderate weight
10 Leaning Lateral Raise (each side) @ maintain quality
30 yd DB Walking Lunges @ moderate weight
10 Single Leg DB Hip Thrust (each side) @ moderate weight band

-Rest as needed between rounds-

3 Sets
8 Tempo Push Up (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up)
8/8 Bulgarian split Squats
8 Single Leg Glute Bridge (each side)
– rest 60 seconds-

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
8 Minute EMOM

Minute 1: 5-7 Weighted Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups [10/5] Minute 2: 7-9 Box Bar Muscle Ups