Warm Up/Mobility
Pre Class Mobility (Banded 7’s & Hip)
1. Crossover Symmetry Activation
OR Banded 7s – perform 7 reps of each movement
7 Banded Pull aparts
7 Diagonal Pulls R
7 Diagonal Pulls L
7 Behind the Neck Press
7 Elbow tucked in ribs Pull apart
7 Shoulder Presses
7 Lat Pull Downs

2. Hip Halo Activation
* 10 Side step R/L
* 10 Forward/Backwards Walk R/L
* 10 Glute Bridges
* 10 Single Leg Glute Bridges R/L
* 10 Bird Dogs R/L
* 10 Squats

Snatch Barbell Prep
Snatch Barbell Prep
A) Burgener Warm up Snatch
3-5 reps at each position

Elbows high and outside – "BAR CLOSE"
Muscle snatch – "STRONG TURNOVER"
Snatch land – "FOOT WORK" 2", 4", 6"
Snatch drop – "FOOT WORK"

B) Skill Transfer Exercises Snatch
3-5 reps of each movement

Snatch grip push press. Feet jumping position "OVERHEAD STRENGTH"
Overhead squat, "CORE STRENGTH"
Heaving Snatch Balance. Feet in landing position. Dip, drive, drop, punch. "FAST HANDS"
Drop Snatch, feet jumping position to landing, no drive, "SPEED UNDER"
Snatch balance, "FOOT AND ARM SPEED"

3x High Hang Snatch + 3x Hang Snatch + 3x Snatch

Snatch Deadlift to Below The knee + Snatch Deadlift to Mid Thigh + Snatch (2x (1+1+2) then 3x (1+1+1))
Snatch Grip deadlift to below knee + Snatch Grip Deadlift to Mid Thigh + Full Snatch

2 set @45-50% 1RM
3 sets @50-60% 1RM.
Snatch Grip Deadlift (5-4-3)

Pre-MetCon Warm-up
5 Push Ups
5/4 Calorie Row

Metcon (Time)
Push Ups
Calorie Row

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Toes to Bar
4 sets @20%
–rest 30 seconds between sets–
—rest 1 minute–
3 sets @25%
–rest 30 seconds between sets–
—rest 1 minute–
2 sets @30%
—rest 2 minutes —

Max effort hang on rig
*Do not use grips for hang.