You’re a Wizard Harry

Warm Up/Mobility
3 Sets
200 M Run
10 hanging scap retractions
6 kip to swing,
5 Barbell RDL’s
5 (2x) DB Shoulder Press

Metcon (Time)
Teams of 2
3 Sets
20 Pull Ups
100’ Handstand Walk
20 Deadlifts (225/155)
30 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead (2×50/35)
200 M Run Partner Run

AB and Booty Burner
4 Rounds:
25 GHD’s or Strict Abmat situps
30 Flutter Kicks (each leg)
8 Ab wheels or barbell rollouts
1 min plank hold
3×10 Bulgarian squats (each side)
*After 10 each Bulgarian split squats each side, go straight into 30 sec max split squats each side (Moderate/Heavy across all sets)
3×20 single leg glute bridge (each side)
150 Banded hamstring curls (Seated on Bench with band around upright) (complete in as few of sets as possible)
*Superset movements as desired

Post Workout Mobility
2:00 Classical Spinal Twist each side
2:00 Scorpion

Metcon (Calories)
2 sets:
5min at easy/mod
5min at mod
5min at mod/fast
3min at easy
5min at mod/fast
5min at mod
5min at easy/mod
-3min at easy b/t sets-