Warm Up/Mobility
1 Round
walk on toes
walk to toes backward
walk on heels
walk feet turned out
walk feet turned in
lunge walk-arms locked out overhead
lunge walk – torso twist towards forward leg
butt kickers
high knees

3-4 Sets

5 snatch grip deadlifts (empty bar)
5 snatch high pulls (empty bar)
5 muscle snatch (empty bar)
5 power snatch (empty bar)
100m Run

1 Set: (at workout pace)
4 Power Snatch (at workout weight)
50m Run
4 Power Snatch (at workout weight)

Dip+ Pause Push Jerk+Behind the Neck Jerk:
3 x (1 +1 +1)
Front Rack Dip, Push Jerk Pause 3 secs at catch position then receive barbell behind the neck and then behind the Neck Split Jerk

* For Skill not Load
Metcon (Weight)
Paused Power Clean + Jerk
2x (2+1) [70-75% of PC RM] 3 x (1+1) [75-80%]

11:00 TC
Sub 8:00 Goal
Metcon (Time)
For Time:
50 Power Snatches (75/55)
400m Run
50 Power Snatches (75/55)

AMRAP 12 Minutes
8 Bench Presses (165/110)
8 Strict Pull Ups
-Rest 4 minutes-
2 Sets
6 Bench Presses
6 Strict Weighted Pull Ups

2 Sets
4 Bench Presses (heavier than previous)
4 Strict Pull Ups (heavier than previous)

-Rest as needed-

5 Sets (superset)
12 Curls (light/moderate weight)
12 Tricep Push Downs (light/moderate weight)
5 Sets (superset)
12 Skull Crushers (light/moderate weight)
12 Seated Banded Face Pulls

Post Workout Mobility
1:00 Seal Stretch
2:00 Child’s Pose