Tremendous 21.2

Warm Up/Mobility
200 M Row/400 M Bike
Quad Stretch
Over/Under Fence
Floor Scoops
Butt Kickers
400 M Row 800 M Bike

6 Alt box step ups
3/3 DB Up Right Row
3/3 DB Press

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Metcon (Time)
4 Rounds
400 M Run
15 KB Sumo DL High Pull
15 KB Swings
15 KB Goblet Squats
:30 Neck Rolls (R/L)
:30 Shoulder Rolls (Forward/Backward)
:30 Small Arm Circles (Forward/Backward)
:30 Big Arm Circles (Forward/Backward)
:30 Hip Circles (R/L)
:30 Knee Circles (R/L)
:30 Ankle Circles (Right Foot/Left Foot)
:30 Calf Raises
1:00 Toe Touches (Standing – reaching towards the floor. Similar to a deadlift, but rounding the back is okay. Ease into this)
1:00 Dynamic Squat Stretch
1:00 Alternating Stepback Lunges
1:00 Inchworms
1:00 Alternating Calf Stretches (In Downward Dog Pose)
:30 Deadbugs
:30 Birddogs (Each Side)
1:00 Hip Bridges
3 Sets: @Easy Pace
1:00 Marching
1:00 Cossack Squats
1:00 Burpees
1:00 Alternating Leg V-Ups
-No Rest B/T Sets-

***Feel free to spend more time in any pose/stretch that you want!